Perception is Everything

August 22, 2014

Our perception is everything.
Everything we face in life will run through the lens of our perceptions and our eyes will judge through them. The way we perceive God affects the way we behave towards Him and respectively, the way we view God will determine the way we view life.
There are so many aspects of God and we are learning Him each day, the way newly weds learn their spouses in a whole new way. With every day, we reach a new intimacy in Him. Our perceptions change. The more we truly seek Him, the more we get past the hurts of our own experiences and we see God for who He truly is.
We no longer compare Him to the failures of mankind, the tragic disappointment of absent fathers, and untrustworthy friends just to name a few. We no longer hold him to the expectations of mere men. We trust in Him because daily He shows Himself to be a loving Father. We rest in Him. We confide in Him. We spend time with Him. We put our faith in Him because day by day He proves Himself to be faithful.
To know the Father. To know of His works through His Son Jesus Christ. When we see everything, not in our own faulty perceptions but in the light of the eternal gospel, that is when we truly take hold of the kingdom and when God will manifest His glory through us.
And to think we can spend an entire lifetime seeking Him out to learn everything about Him and yet never even scratch the surface of His eternal grace and truth. He is a beautiful endless mystery, constantly giving us just enough to keep us enveloped in His wonder.
Our perception of God is everything. Ask Him to continually renew your perception of Him, to reveal Himself to you in a completely new way. Ask Him to reveal Himself as your Father, your Provider, your Comfort and little by little your faulty perceptions of God will be removed like scales from your eyes. Your faith will be strengthened and your intimacy with God will grow.

Love is

August 13, 2014

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Love is not in the business of taking.

It doesn’t wait until you have money to purchase it.

It doesn’t mind waiting for you.

It does not care what you did yesterday.

It does not care what you will do tomorrow.

It loves today. It loves now. It loves free. It loves true.

It allows you to step all over it if only To lift you up a step higher.

It gives. It only gives.

It is never shaken. Not even stirred.

It doesn’t keep you in debt to it.

You owe nothing to it, not even a reason to be loved.

It is completely open.



Love bears all resistance.

[Love] is completely open. Defenseless. Vulnerable. Most days, these are just words and we never take the time to meditate on them. Until that is we find ourselves in a predicament where we are called to love as Jesus loved. I don’t mean loving your mom for giving you birth or loving your friend because she’s your best bud. I mean loving those who are impossible. Loving those who can’t stand the thought of everything you believe in. Loving those who test your patience every minute of the day. Loving those who are closest to you and yet they hurt you, repeatedly. Of course everything in your flesh hates this type of love. The world teaches us to turn our back on these types of people. What do we need these haters for anyways? But what did Jesus teach us?

Every time I enter a cathedral the first thing that catches my attention is the cross at the center of it all. I envision what it was like for Jesus when His own people crucified Him. I imagine all that He had to endure.

And then I envision what I would’ve done on that cross. I would’ve screamed my way all the way to death. I would’ve writhed with anger at the fact that I was guiltlessly being nailed to a cross. I would’ve spat on the guards below me who spat on me and tore my clothes. I would have attempted to protect myself…

The first thing we do when anything is being thrown at us is to protect ourselves, to defend ourselves. We throw up our arms, palms thrusted forward to block whatever is being thrown at us attempting to create some sort of barricade between us and the offender.

Jesus didn’t give himself that choice. He chose to go up on that cross, knowing full well what was about to happen to Him, the pain that He would endure, the torture, the ridicule. All undeserved. Yet He didn’t take himself off the cross. He remained hands nailed at his sides, openly enduring everything that came to Him, taking on the sins of the world, for the sake of the world. 

How my flesh would have hated to endure it all, yet Jesus did. Love… real love is defenseless, vulnerable, open. Taking on all, patiently enduring all.

But if when you do good and suffer for it you endure, this is a gracious thing in the sight of God. For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps. He committed no sin, neither was deceit found in his mouth. When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly. He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. For you were straying like sheep, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls. 1 Peter 2:23

We are not Jesus, yet we are called to be like Him. To love open, to love defenseless, to love vulnerable. And by His grace we can.


Hello August

August 1, 2014


It’s August! My favorites month ever! Why? You can probably guess. It’s the month I was born and part of the reason why I was born particularly awesome. Woah, Janet… Humble much? Well, I only tell it like it is. Don’t worry, you’re pretty awesome too.

Just in case anyone was wondering what to get me for special celebratory day of birth at the end of the month, I’m looking to update my iTunes library with some fresh tunes. (Side Note: I only started using the word tunes after working a random side job with a contractor. Whenever we worked together he would have the most random playlist going and as every song came on he would say Oh ya… this is a good tune. lol) As much as I love Spotify, I’d rather own my music, so help me support good artists by helping to support my need for new music!

But if you are looking for something a bit more intense and you just happen to appreciate my picture taking (iphonography), then just imagine what I could do with a legit Nikon camera. ;)(Yes Lord? lol)

I’d be this happy!!! Excuse my weirdness…

me pop

All jokes aside, I really am excited for this month. Just thankful for life and all that God has brought me through. It really hasn’t been the easiest year, but I feel a turning in my Spirit (HAAA… Come on somebody!). Part of me is wondering what the fall will bring, but the other part is just worried about packing in as much fun and sun before the summer ends. I’m itching for just one more BBQ, at least one campfire and about 5 more days at the beach so I can regain my Punta Cana tan. lol But I work a 9 to 5 in the city which takes up a lot of my time, so I’ll take whatever I can get.

Here’s a little Nearing End of Summer playlist I put together…. Sniff… I hate the thought. But this playlist is pretty awesome. Enjoy!